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Everything You Need to know to Kickstart Your Computer Programming Career and Boost Your Profession

Introduction to Visual Basic will provide students with the necessary abilities to develop coding using the Visual Basic software. The course starts with an introduction to Visual Studio and then moves on to the procedures that will help you create your first Visual Basic application quickly. Visual Basic training in Dubai is provided by Level Up Knowledge for individuals who want to master the course and acquire a career based on it. Our course will be job-oriented, and students will get adequate skills to assist them find work after completing the program. Our hands-on Visual Basic training classes will provide a thorough introduction to the language. The course’s main goal is to teach students how to utilize Visual Basic to create commercial applications using a multi-tier application design method. Our practical activities are more focused on solving the most fundamental business challenges. This course provides a thorough overview of the Visual Basic integrated development environment and its associated tools

These are just a few subjects to get you started; at our VBA training centre in Dubai, you will study and comprehend many more.


To complete this course, you will require fundamental computer abilities as well as understanding of Microsoft Windows.

What you learn:

Students will learn how to develop efficient UI using Visual Basic controls, forms, and graphical user interface components in our VB Programming Classes in Dubai.

  • The whole Visual Basic classes are covered in detail.
  • You will understand how to utilize debugging and testing tools obtainable in Visual Studio.
  • Introduction to database access utilizing Visual Basic ADO control and components such as data environment designer and data grid.
  • Our Visual Basic training centre also includes an introduction to object-oriented programming methods and how to use deployment tools to give concluded applications to end users.
  • Students will learn and understand how to develop modular, reusable code of Visual Basic code and also forms.
  • Creating SDI and MDI applications.
  • Debugging of Visual Basic programs besides testing.
  • You will become expert in developing reliable programs which are fault tolerant by making use of exception-handling techniques.

Course outcomes:

You will be able to offer a full explanation of the fundamentals of programming after completing this course. You’ll be able to describe the features of the VBA programming language. Create programs for the Windows platform, select a customized Visual Studio installation, and explain the Visual Basic syntax, among other things. Apart from that, you’ll explain how code files are organized into projects and solutions, as well as the default storage for projects and how to initialize variables. These are only a handful of the training’s outcomes. When you enroll in our course and receive great instruction from our experienced specialists, you can expect to see even better outcomes.

So, are you ready to learn VBA at Dubai’s top training facility? Get in touch with us as soon as possible. We are Dubai’s best Visual Basic training center, providing industry-standard instruction at a cheap price. We recognize that today’s businesses require highly skilled workers who can perform tasks quickly. We want to supply these organizations with people that have a lot of programming experience and can assist them to increase customer profitability. There may be numerous institutes, but we stand out because of our unique selling feature, which is that we provide high-quality training from industry professionals at affordable costs

What Will I Learn?

  • • Visual Basic programming language structure is fairly simple, mainly the executable code.
  • • Visual Basic is a module integration language that is familiarized to Microsoft’s Component Object Model.
  • • In this, there is a wealth of already accessible COM components for various purposes.
  • • VB is built around.NET an environment utilized by every Microsoft Visual language; hence everything can be easily done in Visual Basic that can be done in other programming languages.

Material Includes

  • • Visual Basic Overview
  • • Abilities of Visual Basic
  • • Rapid Application Development
  • • The Visual Basic IDE
  • • Logic and Iteration
  • • Building Data Entry Dialogs
  • • Utilizing VB Reference Resources
  • • Statements and comments
  • • Manipulating Data
  • • Date, Currency and Variant Types
  • • Form Control Syntax
  • • Data Declarations
  • • Optional Arguments
  • • Application Interfaces
  • • Database Client Applications
  • • Keyboard Event Handling
  • • Designing N-Tier Applications
  • • Building up Code Modules
  • • I/O and Persistence
  • • Logic and Boolean Expressions
  • • Dialog Layout
  • • Debugging and Error Handling
  • • Application Frameworks
  • • Visual Basic Project Development Cycle
  • • Deploying Applications
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