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Spanish is the 2nd most widely spoken language in the world. With growing business relation between India and Latin America, thus opens more reasons for learning Spanish as it is second widely used language in business world. Spanish is the Official language of more then 20 countries, and the second most spoken language in USA.

Learning Spanish helps you to understand Portuguese to a large extent.

International Accrediated Center F.I.D.E.S.C.U

The Foundation for the Development of and Research into Spanish Culture (FIDESCU) was founded in 1996 to promote and popularize Spanish language and culture within Spain and also across various places of the world. Spanish being used in several parts of the world makes learning the language very important in a global perspective. Since its day of founding, FIDESCU has promoted the learning of Spanish language amongst non-native speakers in Spain and also in many parts of the World.

We provide training for D.I.E. (Diploma Internacional de Español) which is a renowned international Spanish proficiency exam. The affiliation by FIDESCU confirms our institute as an eligible entity that can conduct International certifications for students who are keen on learning Spanish language. This certification allows students to test their knowledge and sharpen their Spanish speaking skills effectively. Being accredited as a examination center, we follow precise certification guidelines, pattern and quality controls as per FIDESCU’s parameters.

Cambridge Institute is an official testing center of the world-renowned D.I.E (Diploma Internacional de Español) examination which is an international diploma of the Spanish Language. The D.I.E is an internationally recognized Spanish language proficiency certification that is used as a yardstick to measure an individual’s caliber in the language. You can prepare for this exam at our institute which has been recognized by FIDESCU as a testing center.

Center for International Diploma in Spanish (D.I.E)

DIE: Diploma International in Spanish is recognized internationally and is issued by FIDESCU( Foundation for investigation and development of Spanish language and culture) and UNIVERSITY Pontificia of Salamanca/Spain.  LLCC institute is an accredited center of FIDESCU which enables the students to take exams at our center.

Spanish Course in Dubai

We cover all basic modules of writing, speaking, listening and reading ability. This program is categorized in the following way:

Beginners (A1,A2): Duration – 25 Hours

In this Spanish program, we aim on the basic knowledge of Spanish writing, speaking, listening and reading to the beginners. Our instructors make sure that you are able to communicate comfortably by the end of these sessions.

Intermediate (B1,B2): Duration – 25 Hours

These sessions aim to give the learners a basic understanding of the Spanish grammar system. This is designed for those students who have a basic knowledge of Spanish speaking skills.

Advanced (C1,C2): Duration – 25 Hours

You will revise the previous knowledge that you acquired in the other levels, and new themes will be introduced which will help you to get more comprehension and understanding of the Spanish language.


Material Includes

  • Wi-Fi Free
  • AC Room
  • Tea – Coffee’s Machine
  • Books Available
  • Dictionary Available
  • Personal Attention
  • Internship Program
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