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Ciao! Italiano is a fun and rewarding global language to learn. At ABC Languages in Dubai, we also make sure you learn in an effective way. LLCC is a leading language institute in Dubai that provides top-quality group Italian classes and private Italian tutoring for adults, teenagers & kids. To accommodate students with busy schedules, we offer classes during the day, in the evenings, or during the weekend.

Learn Italian in LLCC, Dubai

Day, evening & weekend classes.

• Group Italian classes for adults at Total Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced level. Weekday daytime, evening & weekend Saturday classes.
• Italian Crash Course for Travelers (Workshop where you learn vocabulary & phrases)
• Italian Conversation Practice – High Beginner
• Italian Conversation Practice – Intermediate/Advanced
• Private Italian lessons – can take place in your home or office
• Private / Semi-private Italian tutoring for kids & teens (ages 4 to 16)
• School Group classes – After-school Italian programs for elementary, middle & high school students (All grades. We customize and coordinate with the public or private school including class size.)
• Skype / Online Italian classes – Customized one-on-one lessons.
• Corporate Italian language training for organizations via onsite programs for 1-1000+ students
• Summer Italian classes

Group Italian Classes for Adults:

– Total Beginner Italian Group Classes:
Designed for those with little to no experience with the Italian language, our group classes are taught by native Italian speakers. Choose to enroll for 6, 8, or 12 weeks.

During your first 6 classes, you will learn basic Italian vocabulary and sentence structure in the present tense.

If you sign up for an 8 or 12-week Italian course, you can expect to cover most of the present tense, questions, negations, and adjectives as well as some usage of the past tense.

– High Beginner to Advanced Italian Group Classes:
Our rolling admission policy means that students above the beginner level can join an ongoing class at any time. We will assess your current level of Italian and ensure that you are placed in the class that best meets your needs.

The focus of all of our Italian classes is on the conversation. We keep our class sizes small (maximum of 9 students) to ensure that you get plenty of opportunities to improve your conversational Italian skills through fun and interactive role-plays, lively conversation, and games.

Private Italian Lessons:

Private Italian lessons mean you can learn at your own pace and according to your own schedule. You may set up any day or time for your classes, including weekends and evening hours.

One-on-one lessons are the most intensive way to immerse yourself in a foreign language. Your professional Italian teacher can customize the content of your classes to meet your specific needs and focus on the areas where you need improvement.

The lessons may be held at your Dubai office, home, or at our language institute.

Students meet with their private teacher from once a week to every day. Total immersion courses are ideal for people relocating to an Italian-speaking country and may include a cross-cultural training component.

Online Italian Lessons:
Learn Italian via Skype from the comfort of your own home or office in any location worldwide. No travel time, no rushing to make it to class!

All you need for our online Italian classes is an Internet connection, web camera and audio headset. Just log in to Skype and meet your teacher virtually at a time convenient for you

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