German Proficiency Test

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How good is your German? Do you want to check your level?

I’ve got good news to tell you. Take one of the German proficiency tests like Goethe-Zertifikat Deutsch, TestDaF, DSH, TELC, ÖSD, and OSD to find out your results.

You’ve heard all the possible reasons to learn German.

While there are many perks, the career prospects in German attract students from far and wide.

The ability to speak German offers a multitude of incentives that will last a lifetime.

That’s why German is the second most popular foreign language among language enthusiasts.

What is the German Proficiency Test?

The German proficiency test is international standardized tests that assess someone’s German proficiency, whose native language is not German.

Whether you are experienced or just starting to learn, you can prove your German skills by taking a language proficiency test, such as Zertifikat Deutsch, TestDaF, DSH, TELC, ÖSD, and ÖIF.

Benefits of the German Ability Test

Apart from the fact they can be adequate proof of knowledge in the German language, it can also help a great deal in satisfying both employee’s and employers’ demands.

These exams are essential for business organizations and government establishments to help know more about the language skills and personality of prospective employees.

They can be used as proof of competence for job applications and studies in German-speaking countries.

Do you want to pursue your studies in German-speaking countries?

Well, then these certifications are recognized and accepted by most of the universities and institutions for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Types of German Language Exams

There are many language proficiency tests for German.

Are you wondering which exam to take? And what are the differences?

Take the German test that suits your requirements and also better in terms of testing centers, dates, and prices.

Once the test is given, the organization will provide a certificate of language proficiency that can be used in various situations.

Here are the types of widely recognized German proficiency exams and certifications you can earn.

1. Zertifikat Deutsch (ZD)

2. TestDaF Exam

3. DSH Exam

4. TELC GmbH – The European Language Certificates

5. ÖSD – German Language Certificate Austria

6. ÖIF – Austrian Integration Fund

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